Welcome to the eBay RESTful APIs!

This guide offers a taste of how to make calls to the eBay APIs in 3 quick steps.

The sample described below makes a GET request to eBay—you'll soon be retrieving live search data from the eBay production servers!

Step 1: Become an eBay Developers Program member

You're not already a member?
Follow the steps on Join the eBay Developers Program.

Step 2: Get an access token and create a keyset

Calls to the eBay APIs are authorized with an access token. Get an access token through your developer account. See Using OAuth to access eBay APIs and Create the eBay API keysets.

Important! Access to different API resources require tokens created by different flows (client credential flows versus authorization grant flows).

Step 3: Make the call

Use the API Explorer to make a call. Make sure to use a token created by the correct flow. Examples of resources that use client credential flows (that require application tokens) are metadata and taxonomy calls. See Use the API Explorer to try out APIs for more information.

What's next?

If this example gets you excited about making eBay API calls, check out the following docs: