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This type specifies custom product compliance and/or take-back policies that apply to a specified country.

Types that use CountryPolicy


Calls that use CountryPolicy


The two-letter ISO 3166-1 country code identifying the country to which the policy or policies specified in the corresponding policyIds array will apply.
array of string
An array of custom policy identifiers that apply to the country specified by

Product compliance and take-back policy information may be returned using the following methods:
  • getCustomPolicies

    Set policy_types to:
    • PRODUCT_COMPLIANCE for product compliance policies
    • TAKE_BACK for takeback policies

    This returns the list of specified policies and corresponding customPolicyId values a seller has created.
  • getCustomPolicy with custom_policy_id = customPolicyId

    Returns the details of the the policy specified by customPolicyId
For information about creating and managing custom policies, refer to the custom_policy resource in the Sell Account API.

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