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Open-Source SDK for Taxonomy Metadata

eBay's Category Aspects metadata, which has given definition to our marketplace listings, is evolving at a fast pace. With these rapid enhancements, a consequent challenge of keeping this metadata in sync and gaining quick insights into what might have changed is of increasing importance to our developer community.

Translation API Crosses the Language Barrier

eBay is a truly global marketplace with 174M buyers in 190 markets. So, our primary goal is to connect buyers and sellers around the world. It is crucial to our seller community to cross the language barrier and amplify reach. Machine translation is one of the key contributors to promoting cross-border trade on eBay. It is a considerable remover of friction.

Enhance Buyer Engagement: Add Videos to eBay Listings

Use new Media API and Trading API to enhance listings with videos.

Importance of Postal Code for Item Location

eBay requires sellers to specify the item location when they list an item. Although sellers can specify item location as either a valid postal code or as a free-text string identifying the location, sellers should use postal code to specify item location, whenever possible.

Changes to the way eBay-collected taxes are processed

eBay announced changes to the way taxes are processed in situations where eBay collects and remits taxes on behalf of sellers. eBay is responsible for collecting and remitting internet sales tax (IST) for many US states and also collects and remits goods and services taxes (GST) in Australia and New Zealand. 

There are corresponding API changes to address this new behavior.

Sellers can now programmatically send exclusive discount offers to buyers

eBay releases the Negotiation API, which lets sellers send discount offers to the buyers who have shown an interest in the seller's listings.